2017-18 Season highlights and new projects

eight musings . . . revisiting memories (2005)
            Hanna Hurwitz, violin
            Howard Hanson Hall
            Eastman School of Music
            Rochester, N.Y.
            September 7, 2017
            Lawrence University
            Appleton, WI
            September 29, 2017

eight aspects of appreciation II (2012)
            Caroline Chin, violin / Brian Snow ‘cello
            Cirigliano Studio Theatre
            Stocker Arts Center
            Lorain County Community College
            Elyria, OH
            October 10, 2017

eight musings . . . revisiting memories
Tara Lynn Ramsey, violin
            Chicago, IL
            October 29, 2017

billowing pockets brightly layered (2000, rev. 2007)
            Michael Katz. ‘cello / Yoon-Jae Lee, conductor
            Ensemble 212
            New York, N.Y.
            November 11, 2017

 . . . becoming clear (2017) (premiere)
            Burchard Tang, viola
            Print Center
            Philadelphia, PA
            November 12, 2017

the promise of the far horizon (2002, rev. 2013)
            Mivos Quartet
            Millennium Stage
            John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
            Washington, D.C.
            December 7, 2017

a garden of flourishing paths (2008, rev. 2017)
            OSSIA Ensemble
            Eastman School of Music
            Rochester, NY.
            February 22, 2017

eight aspects of appreciation II
            Miranda Cuckson, violin
            Claire Bryant, ‘cello
            Rice University
            Houston, TX
            February 24, 2018

billowing pockets brightly layered
            Patrice Jackson Tilghman, cello / Leon Burke III , conductor
            University City Symphony Orchestra
            All Saints Catholic Church
            St. Louis, MO.
            February 25, 2018

two rhapsodies for ‘cello & strings (2010, rev 2013)
            Deborah Pae, ‘cello / David Ellis, conductor
            Earth & Air Chamber Orchestra
            St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
            Cleveland Heights, OH
            April 6, 2018

New Projects
. . . a new concerto for 'cello & string orchestra (tentatively titled brightness dispersed) commissioned by 'cellist Mariel Roberts, to be premiered by her and the String Orchestra of Brooklyn during the 2018-19 season in New York.

. . . a new work for orchestra commissioned by the BBC Philharmonic, to be premiered during the 2018-19 season in Manchester, UK