2019-20 Season Highlights and Performances


  • premiere of amid still and floating depths (co-commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Library of Congress) by the Mivos Quartet as part of the LA Phil's  "Noon to Midnight" new music festival, June 1, 2019
  • premiere of an assemblage of possibility (tenor saxophone, harp, 'cello) (commissioned by a consortium of institutions and individuals, requested by Doug O'Connor, tenor sax) Millennium Stage, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, D.C. Aug. 25, 2019
  • performance of eight musings  . . . revisiting memories (solo violin) by Miranda Cuckson as part of a "Composers Now" fundraising event, NYC. Oct 16, 2016
  • premiere of within diffuse echoes  . . . softly spreading by the BBC PHILHARMONIC (a BBC Philharmonic commission) Manchester, UK, Oct 24, 2019
  • performance of an expanding distance of multiple voices (solo violin) by Srah Plum at the Musikhochschule, Mannheim, Germany, Dec. 20, 2019
  • received an Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award Jan. 2020
  • premiere of brightness dispersed for 'cello & strings by Mariel Roberts and the String Orchestra of Brooklyn May 30, 2020

New Projects
  • a new work for violinist Miranda Cuckson (title TBA) for solo violin double concerto for Lauren Cauley, violin and Mariel Roberts and orchestra


Born in Washington, D.C. in 1955, composer Jeffrey Mumford has received numerous fellowships, grants, awards and commissions. 

Awards include the "Academy Award in Music" from the American Academy of Arts & Letters, a Fellowship from the Guggenheim Foundation, and an ASCAP Aaron Copland Scholarship. He was also the winner of the inaugural National Black Arts Festival/Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Composition Competition. 

Other grants have been awarded by the Ohio Arts Council, Meet the Composer, the Martha Baird Rockefeller Fund for Music Inc., the ASCAP Foundation, and the University of California. 

Mumford's most notable commissions include those from the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association and the Library of Congress (co-commission), the BBC Philharmonic, the San Antonio, Chicago & National Symphonies, Washington Performing Arts, the Network for New Music, ‘cellist Mariel Roberts, the Fulcrum Point New Music Project (through New Music USA), Duo Harpverk (Iceland), the Sphinx Consortium, the Cincinnati Symphony, the VERGE Ensemble /National Gallery of Art/Contemporary Music Forum, the Argento Chamber Ensemble, the Cleveland Orchestra, the Nancy Ruyle Dodge Charitable Trust, the Meet the Composer/Arts Endowment Commissioning Music/USA, Cincinnati radio station WGUC, the Walter W. Naumburg Foundation, the Fromm Music Foundation, and the McKim Fund in the Library of Congress. 

His music has been performed extensively, by major orchestras, soloists, and ensembles, both in the United States and abroad, including London, Paris, Reykjavik, Vienna, The Hague, Russia and Lithuania. 

Recent and forthcoming performances include the premiere of  . . .  amid still and floating depths by the Mivos Quartet as part of last season’s Los Angeles Philharmonic’s “Noon” to Midnight” new music festival, of fields unfolding . . . echoing depths of resonant light, by ‘cellist Christine Lamprea and the Omaha Symphony, the promise of the far horizon by the Mivos Quartet,  . . . . . becoming clear  (solo viola) by the Network for New Music, performances of chamber and orchestral work, as part of the June in Buffalo Festival, and of radiances blossoming in expanding air, by ‘cellist Deborah Pae and the Boston based Phoenix Orchestra. As well, noted Italian pianist, Pina Napolitano will include his two Elliott Carter tributes in her European concerts this and next season, with plans to record them as part of a forthcoming disc of American piano music, in addition to unfolding waves, a concerto written for her, to be premiered with the Paris based new music ensemble Ars Nova (to be premiered next season)

Current projects include brightness dispersed, a concerto for 'cello & string orchestra for Mariel Roberts and the String Orchestra of Brooklyn, a new work for solo violin for Miranda Cuckson, and a CD of recent concerti.

Mumford has taught at the Washington Conservatory of Music, served as Artist-in-Residence at Bowling Green State University, and served as assistant professor of composition and Composer-in-Residence at the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music. He is currently Distinguished Professor at Lorain County Community College in Northern Ohio. 

Mr. Mumford is published by Theodore Presser Co. and Quicklight Music. 

Website: www.jeffreymumford.com 

What the critics say:
" . . . filled with incredible imagination and beautiful orchestrational detail - really superb"
 - JoAnn Falletta, Music Director, Buffalo Philharmonic, Virginia Symphony & Ulster Orchestra

”. . . has an unerring knack for fashioning rigorous works as changeable as cloudscapes, bursting with color, nuance and poetry”.
- Steve Smith, N.Y. Times

 “ . . . a philosophy of music making that embraced both raw passion and a gentle imagistic poetry . . his pieces carry musical evocations of the effects he describes”
- Alan Kozinn, N.Y. Times

“ . . .  a composer who makes something mesmerizing and beautiful out of harmonic ambiguity . .   Compelling listening”
“. . . a coloristic glow created by the leisurely unfolding of layered lines  . . . contemplative with gleaming touches evoking poetic sonic imagery”
- Donald Rosenberg, Cleveland Plain Dealer

“ . . . a gracious use of instruments and a style of writing that is abstract yet attractively figurative”
- Joseph Dalton, Time Out New York

"The work depicts clouds in motion… Largely static, often pointillistic . . . skillfully exploits sonorities and moods, with reflective passages interrupted by threatening sounds."
- Derrick Henry, Atlanta Journal / Constitution

"The harmonies are dense but never impenetrable, the orchestral colors are downright prismatic, the dissonances are aggressive and angular yet brimming with poetry and nuance."
“ .  . . a fine strong piece . . a near Medieval purity of line. . . “
- Tim Page, Washington Post

”The result is a piece that exults in frequent shifts of color and sharply delineated gestures, the violin unleashing silvery soprano-register lines that dovetail with shimmering pitched percussion and sostenuto brass and wind passages.”
- Christian Carey, Musical America

“ . . . complex and richly imaginative music in which an almost romantic sensibility seems to radiate through a thoroughly contemporary surface.”
- Stephen Brookes, Washington Post

“ . . . stretches the listeners’ ears and imaginations”
- Mary Hoffman, Columbus (OH) Dispatch

". . . this music...has a deeply thoughtful, even soulful integrity. . ."
 “… Mumford is a composer to watch."
- Robert Carl, Fanfare

“Mumford is an astute craftsman who understands the different timbres and their subtlety”
- Sorab Modi, The STRAD

2018-19 Season Highlights and Performances

  • Commission from the BBC PHILHARMONIC (concerto for orchestra) Premiere: Oct 24, 2019
  • Commission from Fromm Music Foundation at Harvard University (violin concerto)
  • Co-commission from the LA Philharmonic and the Library of Congress (string quartet for MIVOS quartet [www.mivosquartet.com] to be premiered at the LA Philharmonic's new music festival this June 1, 2019
  • Commission from the Cricket Foundation ('cello concerto for Deborah Pae (www.deborahpae.com) and the Phoenix Orchestra (www.phoenixorch.org) directed by Matt Szymanski) Premiere May 4th in District Hall in Boston
  • Commission from the Network for New Music (solo viola piece)

Performances: Watch and Listen

an expanding distance of multiple voices (2005)
            Kurt Nikkanen, violin
            Cirigliano Studio Theatre
            Stocker Arts Center
            Lorain County Community College
            Elyria, OH
            September 13, 2018
a garden of flourishing paths (2008, rev. 2017)
            OSSIA Ensemble
            Kilbourn Hall
            Eastman School of Music
            Rochester, NY.
            October 1, 2018
reflected air (2015)
            Members of the Kent State University New Music Ensemble
            Ludwig Recital Hall
            Kent State University
            Kent, OH
            October 20, 2018
radiances spreading from a world of resonant stillness (2018) (premiere)
            Mariel Roberts, ‘cello
            LA VOIRIE
            Biel/Bienne, Switzerland           
            November 14, 2018

            Liber Wiederin
            Innsbruck, Austria
            November 15, 2018
a garden of flourishing paths
            Collage New Music
Edward M. Pickman Concert Hall
Longy School of Music of Bard College
Cambridge, MA 02138
November 25, 2018
radiances spreading from a world of resonant stillness
            Mariel Roberts, ‘cello
            Spectrum 70
            New York, N.Y.
            December 7, 2018
an evolving romance for flute & piano (2005)
            DSara Stern, flute
            Lisa Emenmheiser, piano
            Smithsonian Music of American History
            February 16, 2019
wending (2001)
 . . . becoming clear (2017)
            Marina Thibeault, viola
            Pollack Hall
            Schulich School of Music
            McGlil University
            Quebec Canada
            February 26, 2019
becoming . . . . (2015)
            Winston Choi, piano
            University of Indiana New Music Ensemble
            David Dzubay, cond.
            University of Indiana
            Bloomington, IN
            February 28, 2019
undiluted days (2000)
becoming . . .  (2015)
            Shuai Wang, piano / CIM New Music Ensemble
            Keith Fitch, cond.
            Cleveland Institute of Music
            Cleveland, OH
            March 3, 2019
wending (2001)
 . . . becoming clear (2017)
            Marina Thibeault, viola
            Cirigliano Studio Theatre
            Stocker Arts Center
            Lorain County Community College
            Elyria, OH
            March 4, 2019
reflected air (2015)
an evolving romance for flute & piano (2005)
eight musings . . . revisiting memories (2005)
a garden of flourishing paths (2009, rev. 2017)
            Discovery Ensemble, Michael Rene Torres, Dir.
            Green Room
            Garden Theatre
            Columbus, OH
            March 25, 2019
the clarity of remembered springs (1993)
            Andrew Stock viola
            Stocker Arts Center
            Lorain County Community College
            Elyria, OH
            April 9, 2019
of fields unfolding  . . .  echoing depths of resonant light (2015)
            Christine Lamprea, ‘cello
            Pablo Rus-Broseta, cond.
            Omaha Symphony Orchestra
            Omaha, NE.
            April 18, 2019
of radiances blossoming in expanding air (2017) (premiere)
            Deborah Pae ‘cello / Matthew Szymanski, conductor
            Phoenix Orchestra
            Boston, MA.
            May 4th, 2019

the promise of the far horizon
            Mivos Quartet
            Opera America
            Marc A. Scorca Hall
            New York, N.Y.
            May 20, 2019
 . . . amid sill and floating depths (2018) (premiere)
            Mivos Quartet
            Los Angeles Philharmonic New Music Festival
            June 1, 2019

2017-18 Season highlights and new projects

eight musings . . . revisiting memories (2005)
            Hanna Hurwitz, violin
            Howard Hanson Hall
            Eastman School of Music
            Rochester, N.Y.
            September 7, 2017
            Lawrence University
            Appleton, WI
            September 29, 2017

eight aspects of appreciation II (2012)
            Caroline Chin, violin / Brian Snow ‘cello
            Cirigliano Studio Theatre
            Stocker Arts Center
            Lorain County Community College
            Elyria, OH
            October 10, 2017

eight musings . . . revisiting memories
Tara Lynn Ramsey, violin
            Chicago, IL
            October 29, 2017

billowing pockets brightly layered (2000, rev. 2007)
            Michael Katz. ‘cello / Yoon-Jae Lee, conductor
            Ensemble 212
            New York, N.Y.
            November 11, 2017

 . . . becoming clear (2017) (premiere)
            Burchard Tang, viola
            Print Center
            Philadelphia, PA
            November 12, 2017

the promise of the far horizon (2002, rev. 2013)
            Mivos Quartet
            Millennium Stage
            John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
            Washington, D.C.
            December 7, 2017

a garden of flourishing paths (2008, rev. 2017)
            OSSIA Ensemble
            Eastman School of Music
            Rochester, NY.
            February 22, 2017

eight aspects of appreciation II
            Miranda Cuckson, violin
            Claire Bryant, ‘cello
            Rice University
            Houston, TX
            February 24, 2018

billowing pockets brightly layered
            Patrice Jackson Tilghman, cello / Leon Burke III , conductor
            University City Symphony Orchestra
            All Saints Catholic Church
            St. Louis, MO.
            February 25, 2018

two rhapsodies for ‘cello & strings (2010, rev 2013)
            Deborah Pae, ‘cello / David Ellis, conductor
            Earth & Air Chamber Orchestra
            St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
            Cleveland Heights, OH
            April 6, 2018

New Projects
. . . a new concerto for 'cello & string orchestra (tentatively titled brightness dispersed) commissioned by 'cellist Mariel Roberts, to be premiered by her and the String Orchestra of Brooklyn during the 2018-19 season in New York.

. . . a new work for orchestra commissioned by the BBC Philharmonic, to be premiered during the 2018-19 season in Manchester, UK