Recordings and Publications


through a stillness brightening
Albany Records (TROY 1473-74)
Various Artists

a focus further within
MSR Records (2013)
Ronda Rider, ' cello

linear cycles II  and quartet no. 3 (string quartet no. 1)
Composers' Recordings, Inc. (CRI 468) (LP)
Helmut Braunlich, violin, Barbro Dahlman, piano - New York String Quartet

a pond within the drifting dusk
"Bang On A Can Live, Vol. 2"
Composers' Recordings, Inc. (CRI/New World 646) (CD)
Laura Gilbert, fl., Joshua Gordon, vlc., Victoria Drake, hp.

her eastern light amid a cavernous duskthe focus of blue lightamid fleeting pockets of billowing radiancea diffuse light that knows no particular hour  (revised version), linear cycles VII (cambiamenti II)  (revised version), filaments
"the focus of blue light"
Composers' Recordings, Inc. (CRI/New World 650) (CD)
Various Artists

fragments from the surrounding evening
“Dark Fires”
Albany Recordings (TROY 266) (CD)
Karen Walwyn, piano

barbaglio dal manca
"Telling Tales"
Capstone Recordings (CPS 8736)
Tuyen Tonnu, piano

wending, the promise of the far horizon, a landscape of interior resonances, a window of resonant light, the milliner's fancy
"the promise of the far horizon"
Albany Recordings (TROY 698) (CD)
Various Artists

in the community of encompassing hours
“Bachmann to Music”: Ingeborg Bachmann Writing against War
Capriccio Recordings (71 095)
Haydn Trio Eisenstadt

Tangos for Piano
Ravello Records (Parma Recordings)
Amy Briggs, piano


a window's gathering of clouds
Quadrivium Music Press

for Elliott
Perspectives of New Music, Vol. 22, Nos. 1 & 2 (with accompanying cassette)

tango variations
Quadrivium Music Press

variazioni elegiaci  (revised version)
National Capital ‘Cello Club, Inc. Newsletter (Washington, D.C.), Summer 1997
Theodore Presser Co.

All other published works published by Theodore Presser Co., Bryn Mawr,  PA.
( & Quicklight Music, Oberlin, OH.

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the focus of blue light
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the promise of the far horizon
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